New finds: healthy deli meats, Korean lunchboxes and ‘KFC’

January 14, 2021by Reggie Aspiras0
This boneless fried chicken is crunchy, juicy, full of flavor and stays crisp even when cold

Berry Tenchavez Stehmeier, like any mother, is obsessed with feeding her growing brood with their favorite things to eat, but made the healthier way.

The mother of three daughters has long been making hotdogs with no preservatives, no extenders and no food coloring, and selling them through a village Facebook page. “I felt that I should look into my children’s eating habits and give them nutritious food,” she said.

This is how Berry’s Deli came to be. There are hotdogs in beef, chicken and mini variants; sausages were added. Then came streaky bacon, nuggets, beetroot cheese sticks, burgers, siomai, lumpia and cookies.

Berry’s Deli’s preservative-free products

Stehmeier continues to create and recreate dishes to delight her daughters. She has put together DIY kits to make snacking easy.

The premium pork belly bacon slab kit is smoked for 12 hours, and only cured in natural preservatives. It comes in a brown box with a spiced honey glaze. This is my favorite. I love it sliced 1/2-inch thick, slow cooked in a pan then when almost golden, slathered with the glaze. It is sinful!

Having the slab on hand gives one the liberty to bake it whole in the oven, then brushed with the glaze to finish. You have the option to slice it into strips to use for pasta or any recipe you wish. You may also slice it thin, to fry till crisp. Her bacon is smokey, flavorful but not salty. With the bacon slab, let your imagination run wild—bake, grill, panfry and even turbo-broil. In all ways and forms, it is simply good.

The Gourmet Hotdog Kits consist of Beef or Chicken Hotdogs, Brioche Buns, BBQ Sticks, Curry Catsup, Berry’s Deli Sauce, Onion Confit, Sweet Relish and Yellow Mustard.

The Gourmet Slider Kit has New Zealand grass-fed burgers, brioche buns and condiments.

The Corndog Kit has a homemade cornmeal mix, 24 mini beef hotdogs and 24 BBQ sticks.

There’s even a super fun Candy & Corndog Kit in collaboration with Candy Corner: Swirly Pop Lollipop Albanese Gummy Bears, Jelly Bellies, homemade cornmeal mix, 24 mini beef hotdogs and 24 BBQ sticks.

(@berrysdeli on Instagram)


If there is anything I’ve perfected during the quarantine, it is ordering food. Of the many choices available, Masil’s Dosirak currently tops my list.

“Dosirak” or Korean lunchboxes at Masil

Dosirak are Korean lunchboxes that consist of home-cooked dishes: main course, banchan (side dishes) and rice. I have been feasting on the lunchboxes these past few days since I learned that Masil Charcoal Grill, one of my favorite Korean restaurants, now offers them.

There are 10 sets to choose from. My personal favorites are the Jaeyuk/Dwaeji Bulgogi Set, a combination of Spicy and Special Pork Bulgogi; the L.A. Galbi and Japchae Set; Beef Bulgogi and Mackerel Set; and Stir-Fried Spicy Squid and Beef Brisket Set.

All dosirak come with multiple side dishes, to complete the experience. I am a fan of its authenticity in taste and fond of how so many flavors are available to you, in one meal.

The lunchboxes are ready within 30 minutes upon ordering. (Tiendesitas, tel. 86335838 or 0917-6790844; Unimart Capitol Commons, tel. 86312173 or 0917-1640844)


Have you had “KFC” lately? Katipunan Fried Chicken, that is.

Concocted by chef Francis Lim of Tipple Cafe, “KFC” is another one of his mouthwatering comfort dishes. I’ve hailed Francis as a creative genius who has the gift of transforming old-time favorites, presenting them in fresh, new and delicious ways.

This boneless fried chicken is crunchy, juicy, full of flavor and stays crisp even when cold. “It is called ‘KFC,’ inspired by the popular chicken brand, as we also use a similar soft batter, but different because of an added crunch and different spice profile,” Lim said.

“KFC” or Katipunan Fried Chicken at Tipple and Slaw

This huge fried chicken that comes with flavored rice, gravy and mashed potatoes is served at Tipple and Slaw on Katipunan Avenue, which was why Lim named it thus. (Tel. 0917-7720756 or @tippleandslawkatip on Instagram) INQ; @iamreggieaspiras on Instagram and Facebook

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